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Ever watched a movie and wished you could be a part of it? or seen a picture that makes you want to jump right in and join them? Well now you can.

ArtVo in Melbourne is an interactive 3D art experience that is quickly taking over as one of the top to-do activities in our most lovable city. It’s not hard to see why either.

Running for about a year in the heart of Docklands, ArtVo is a tour through different rooms covered in beautiful paintings across 11 themed zones. Every portrait allows you to immerse yourself into it as if you were there as well.

Before you start you’ll have a staff member go over how it all works with you as well as offering ideas for different poses. They are also there along the way to take photos if you need them too or have any questions. It’s great to see the enthusiasm these guys have for their job and that they check in with you to make sure you’re enjoying your experience.

Be prepared to be wowed by the trick-art that will see you shrink, fall from a window or even get up close and personal with King Kong. Every photo has a spot for you to stand on to get the best possible image and you’ll have tonnes of fun coming up with new poses for each photo. The best photos are taken on your smartphone as some will need to be rotated on the spot to see the magic happen!

ArtVo is for all ages as well. Kids absolutely love it but it’s also the perfect group date or a night out without the kids. They have also just opened there doors until 11.30pm on Friday and Saturday nights (and there’s free beer and wine!).

Skip the nightclubs and head to ArtVo for your fun on the weekend or take the kids during the day. You’ll want to allow 1.5-2 hours to get around everything and wear a comfy pair of shoes. You’ll be feeling quite peckish after all that creativity so make sure you check out all the food on offer in Docklands nearby.


                                    The Deets 

What: Artvo

Where: 26 Star Crescent, Level 1 Harbour Town, Docklands 

When: Sun-Times 10am-6pm, Fri & Sat 10am until 11.30pm.

How much? adult $28 child $18

More deets:

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