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Chooh La La // Queen Victoria Markets

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If you can walk past the Chooh La La stand at Queen Victoria Markets without stopping, you have amazing self control.

The smell of caramelised nuts fills the air and will have you veering off track to stop at this adorable little stall to have a taste.

Chooh La La offer three different types of praline including almonds, macadamias and peanuts and caramelise them on site hence the delicious smell. They are always offering free taste testing and just one try will have you buying a bag or more to take home for later.

The nuts are all vegan friendly and gluten free and made only with top Australian ingredients. They are free from oil, dairy, honey, wheat, yeast, glucose, preservatives, artificial colourings and palm oil.

The staff and also pralinier Gabriel (who you will often see working behind the stall) are very friendly and informed us that Chooh La La represents an Australian twist on an old French tradition. You can see that there is a lot of passion behind Chooh La La and it is that passion that makes these sweet treats even better.

The stall is located outside the deli section of the Queen Victoria Markets on your way to the food court and if you can’t spot them, follow that delicious smell. After enjoying your taster hot and fresh from the tray, you can pick up a bag of your favourites to take with you ranging from small to large and between $5-40.

A definite must when you are at the markets and the perfect snack for your working day.

The Deets:

What: Chooh La La

Where: Queen Victoria Markets (outside deli section)

When: Opening hours of the Vic markets (closed Monday & Wednesday)



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