September 21, 2019

Billy’s Paddock // Caroline Springs




It can be increasingly hard to find a good coffee in your local suburbs and we often try a number of cafes before finding one that gets ours exactly right.

Well for those in Caroline Springs and surrounding suburbs, we have solved that problem for you.

Billy’s Paddock opened up about a year ago outside of Caroline Springs shopping centre and what a welcome addition to the area that has been lacking for quite some time.

Not only does the interior of Billy’s Paddock make it super inviting but the customer service is exceptional and the coffee, well you won’t go need to go anywhere else.

We have been on countless occasions and the coffee is consistently spot on. For those who enjoy almond milk, these guys are using the best brand we have tried so far. It is super smooth and almost unnoticeable so for those who are trying to get used to it, then you will be very happy with this one. They also offer soy and lactose free milk as well as your usual skinny and normal.

Billy’s Paddock also offer a great brunch menu, lunch and are even open for dinner.  They have recently changed chefs and their new menu is exciting and offers plenty of great options that are all presented beautifully and taste great. Some of the highlights are the pancakes and smashed avo dish. Their eggs are always poached to perfection. Some menu options can be a hit and a miss but the staff always welcome feedback and are constantly aiming to improve to make every dish a memorable experience.

Water is always dropped to the table and the door is always opened for you as you enter (especially if you have a pram). They are quick to learn your coffee order and never leave you waiting for long. The service exceeds many places around Melbourne and that will bring customers back again and again.

So if you’re in the area and have been looking for the perfect coffee, look no further.  Head to Billy’s Paddock and thank us for it later.

The Deets

What: Billy’s Paddock

Where:  Caroline Springs Square Shopping Centre, 001/35 Caroline Springs Blvd

When: 8am until 10pm 7 days a week 

How much: Affordable $16-$22





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