September 21, 2019

Est 1906 // Seddon


With so many great places to eat and drink in Melbourne, our expectations get greater and greater each new place we visit and I think sometimes we forget to appreciate just simple, good, honest food.

Well, we were appreciating just that at Est 1906 recently when we turned up on a sunny winter’s day for a delicious brunch.

We heard about Est 1906 after a coeliac family member claimed they had the BEST gluten free toast she had ever tried in Melbourne (and she had tried many!) so we thought we would go along and see what else they had to offer.

Est 1906 is nestled amongst the busy shopping strip of Seddon on Charles St. We turned up on Sunday and the place was bustling with people both inside and out.

The cafe is quite spacious and has a few different spots for dining including the perfect sized outdoor courtyard with a little play area for the kids. Genius! We all know how hard it is to keep children entertained at a cafe when you want to have an adult conversation so the option of a play area and space for the kids to run around it really gives Est 1906 a big tick!

The interior is modern rustic with brick-style wall paper, pendant lights and a pop of greenery and we found it quite warm and inviting. We were seated in the back room, which is also used for functions and looks to the outdoor area so the kids could play outside while we watched from inside. Because it was a weekend, the cafe was busy and quite loud and we did note that it was hard to hear each other speak at some times which really can’t be avoided at a busy time.

The brunch menu has plenty of great options including favourites like smashed avocado and a great range of pancakes! They also offer a range of sides, which you can add to any meal and they cater for dietary requirements.

We opted for the Smashed Avocado ($18.90) , the Eggs Bennie ($16.90) and gluten-free toast with a side of banana and peanut butter (around $9). From the kids menu we ordered natural yogurt with fresh fruit ($7).

For drinks we ordered coffee and an almond milk chai latte, which is a speciality here at Est 1906. The chai was served in an adorable jug with real chai leaves and a strainer. This was something quite unique and really allowed the full flavour of the chai to shine through. It was delicious. The coffee was also lovely and smooth.

The meals were served beautifully and with simplicity. With presentation becoming more “WOW” everywhere you go these days it was nice to see simple food that looked great and tasted just the same.

The eggs on both the smashed avo and eggs benedict were poached perfectly. We loved the addition of crunchy nuts on the smashed avo and the portion of avocado to bread was perfectly matched. All ingredients were fresh and the hollandaise sauce was delightful although the dish would have even been made better with a touch of colour.

Service was prompt throughout our time there and the waitress did set the expectation our meals would take some time as it was very busy, which was great. Most customers will be happy to wait if they know what to expect so communication is key.

Est 1906 is another awesome little gem in the burbs of Melbourne serving up fantastic food and coffee. If you’re coeliac then you will definitely appreciate the gluten-free bread and other dietary options on offer and if you’re not coeliac then you will love everything else! Prices are standard to slightly higher so if you are saving your first home, you may need to skip on the smashed avo and opt for another menu item 😉 The cafe is also open for lunch and dinner for three days of the week.

Locals will continue to fill the place every weekend whilst others from outside suburbs will travel to brunch here. If you are in a group you may want to book in as Est 1906 is no secret anymore and everyone is catching on fast. It’s a great draw card for those with kids with plenty of space but again expect the outdoor area to be packed as it is a sought after spot on a sunny day!


The Deets

What: Est 1906

Where: 81 Charles Street, Seddon, Melbourne

When: Mon-Weds 7am-3pm

Thurs-Sat 7am-9.30pm

Sun 7am-4pm









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