September 21, 2019

Hunters Harvest // Seddon

We all want to eat healthier right?! It’s forever on our New Year’s resolution list and let’s face it, eating well makes us feel better overall.

BUT, with time constraints of busy everyday life it can be hard to maintain healthy eating on a daily basis and bad habits start to creep in.

Hunters Harvest do it all for you.

We stumbled across this gem of a place in Seddon last weekend and already we want to go back and try the rest of the menu.

With a focus on healthy nutritious food, Hunters Harvest have a menu that comprises of bowls, smoothies, raw treats and a few sides.

We love that Hunters Harvest stick to their niche and haven’t overcomplicated their menu. Before you walk in there, you know what you’re eating. They have seven different bowls on offer that cater to every preference whether you’re vegetarian, gluten-free, meat-lover or in to your seafood. They all look equally appetising leaving you wanting to try every bowl on the menu.

For the purpose of our visit and it being dinner time, we tried out the Chipotle Chicken bowl on recommendation, the Green Dream smoothie and a side of sweet potato fries. The presentation of the bowl was beautiful that it actually made our faces light up when it hit the table. We loved that it represented a rainbow of healthy fats and vegetables. The serving was generous and all the ingredients were fresh and delicious. Having so many different components also made it exciting!

Despite it being a really healthy light meal, it was still filling and completely satisfying. The sweet potato fries were definitely a highlight as well and absolutely delicious. Don’t skip on these!

The Green Dream smoothie was a lovely balance of flavours and you can upgrade any of their smoothies to a bowl with granola and fresh fruit for an extra $5.

The cafe is small in size but bright and inviting. They are already super popular on Uber Eats with orders constantly flying out the door. They’re open until 8pm as well which makes it a great option for brunch, lunch and dinner.

Overall, Hunters Harvest is an awesome spot in Melbourne with a great concept. It provides the perfect opportunity for a deliciously healthy meal on those nights you’re needing something quick and convenient. We can’t wait to go back and try out all the other bowls on offer followed by one of their epic raw treats. Oh and don’t forget those fries!


The Deets

What: Hunters Harvest

Where: 1/92 Charles St, Seddon

When: Tuesday-Sunday, 11am until 8pm.



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