September 21, 2019

Mackenzie Falls/ The Grampians

The Mackenzie Falls in the Grampians National Park are renowned as one of the biggest in Victoria with tens of thousands of people visiting every year, and for very good reason.

The falls are located approximately three hours from Melbourne’s CBD and just 25 minutes from the small town of Halls Gap, which is where you will most likely stay if you are planning a weekend for it and we will be post another review of the township and what to eat and do whilst you are there.

There are two main options for viewing the Mackenzie Falls when you arrive. From the car park you will head down to the starting point where there are also public toilets. There will be a sign giving you a left option for the Mackenzie Falls (570m) which will take you to the bottom or to the right is the Mackenzie Falls Lookout point (860m). It may not sound like a far distance to the bottom but it will still take you 20-30 minutes due to the intensity of the walk. The lookout point is a less strenuous walk and more suitable for those with prams, however we definitely recommend making the hike to the bottom as the view is worth every step!

The walk is achievable with children. For the smaller ones (3 & under) , we recommend taking them in a carrier but the old kids will be able to walk down. Be prepared for a few stops along the way for a breather. Wear good quality walking shoes and take a backpack with water and snacks as you will want to relax at the bottom and take it all in.

The walk itself has a lot of stairs from about a third of the way down and can be steep at times but we wouldn’t call it overly strenuous and should be easy enough for people of most fitness levels.

When you reach the bottom there will be stepping stones to get you across to the other side where you will be able to look up at the beautiful falls. They are truly mesmerising and a great example of the beauty of mother nature.

Please do not attempt to swim in the falls. There are signs pre-warning you not to but people still do and there have been several (recent) deaths there.

This has to be on top of your list of places to visit in Victoria.


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