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Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018 // Our Top Picks

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Nadia Collins: Virgin Bloody Mary

Irreverent, unapologetic, and highly whimsical. These are probably characteristics that would make you swipe left on Tinder but in the world of comedy, if delivered well, will make you roar and roll in laughter.

And we did. On our first night into Melbourne International Comedy Festival, watching Perth-based madcap comedian Nadia Collins in her brainchild theatre act, Virgin Bloody Mary. The title alone will make the holier-than-thou cringe, let alone the setting – rows of pews for seats and the stage dressed up to look like an altar. However, after a few minutes of the show kicking in, you’ll immediately get the sense that this is not your average Sunday service.

What we got treated to, however, was an hour of pure energetic performance and surprises in every plot twists and turns, including an unexpected picnic. Nadia is highly eccentric, very likeable and downright entertaining. In fact she didn’t even have to speak the whole show (save for some mumbles and squeaks) to elicit laughter from her audience. Think of her as an unrestrained Charlie Chaplin (if there’s ever such a thing) or Mr. Bean on steroids.

If out of the box comedy is your cup of tea, do not miss Virgin Bloody Mary.

Show runs from 28 of March to 8 April at 8:30 pm at the equally eccentric and hip The Butterfly Club.


Effortless comedy is hard to come by these days but spend an hour with Daniel Connell and his show ‘Bit Of Shush‘ and you’ll get just that. What feels like having a conversation over a beer with a mate will leave your stomach in knots from laughing and tears rolling down your cheeks as you snort out loud with the rest of the crowd.

We haven’t come across a comedian quite like him; one that can make you laugh with a single expression. He’s a real Aussie bloke who shares his hilarious battles of life as a 34-year-old Australian comedian, unmarried with no children. The way he story tells will have you totally immersed due to his lovable, genuine nature that you won’t really care what is real and what has been exaggerated-we are not so sure about that armpit fetish story Dan. #spoilers. We loved how he used callbacks to keep the story-line constantly engaging despite often changing themes which were all relatable and equally hysterical.

An hour goes far too quickly and we could have easily spent more time listening to his tales. A must see at the Comedy Festival and set in an intimate setting in the backstage room of the beautiful Melbourne Town Hall. Shows running until April 22nd.



G’Day Comrade

It’s always a different story from the outside looking in and when you’ve lived somewhere for all your life, you don’t realise what Australia might be like from the perspective of those who are experiencing it for the first time.

G’Day Comrade does just that but with a sense of hilarity that will have you reminiscing in stitches. Three hilarious Russian acts present their take on Australia in their debut act at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in an intimate setting in the Imperial Hotel.

You soon realise that growing up in Russia was worlds away from your own childhoods and the unique jokes about pure survival had the crowd in stitches.

This is another show highly recommended to the comedy festival and the perfect date night or night out with friends.

We can’t wait to see more!

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