The Twelve Apostles, Victoria

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You have probably seen the pictures before and if not then you have now.

These beautiful huge jagged rocks pulsating in to the air along the Great Ocean Road coast line are known as the Twelve Apostles and you only need to see the pictures to know that seeing them in real life will be even better.

On a beautiful summer’s day, the sun bounces off these Limestone rocks creating a golden effect whilst waves crash down below creating bursts of white amidst the deep blue sea. It truly is picture perfect.

We guess when you hear their name you would think there were twelve of them but there isn’t. We’re not sure why they were called the Twelve Apostles as there seems to have only ever been nine of them and due to further erosion there is now eight left. Possibly they were named that way because of how majestic they look and it’s definitely fitting because these rock stacks are magnificent.

The Twelve Apostles were formed millions of years ago after the Limestone cliffs like those surrounding them eroded leaving cliffs that then formed arches and eventually collapsed forming rock stacks, some up to 50m high.

Situated about a four hour drive from Melbourne along the picturesque Great Ocean Road, your best option would be to stay for a night along the way in places like Torquay, Lorne or Apollo Bay to break the drive. However, if you think you can do it one day, go for it.

The actual apostles themselves are hard to spot from the street so when you eventually arrive you will be directed by signs to a car park across the road and you will then need to walk across to the main lookout. At the car park there is also a small information centre, toilets and a cafe. You can order coffee and a small snack but it would be best to pack a lunch if you’re making a day of it.

The first lookout will give you a great view of the first six apostles and this is where people will usually crowd to get their photos in front of them. The walkway continues for a good few hundred metres where you can get a view of the other two apostles on the other side.

The walkway is a great option to view the apostle from afar but we were desperate to get as close as we could to the magnificent rocks and soon realised there was a way down to the beach where we could.

From the lookout, it is about a 20-30 minute walk down a sandy path through light bush land to get to the stairs that will take you down to the secluded beach on the side of where the two apostles are. You can also park at this spot as well (which we realised after walking the whole way!) and that stop off is a few hundred metres before the main carpark on the left hand side of the road. You won’t see signs for this but you will know that it is a car park.

The stairs on the way down to the beach are a decent hike and pretty rugged. They can also get quite slippery so if you have children, you will need to be very careful and prams are definitely best left behind.

The effort is well worth it because getting up close to the apostles is quite surreal and you get a real sense of just how unbelievably huge and majestic these natural wonders are. It is also amazing to be down on this small secluded beach surrounded by ginormous cliff faces, making you feel like your in another world.

The Twelve Apostles is definitely a must see for all those visiting to Melbourne and of course for those who live here as well. Although you can get a great view from the lookout, heading down to the beach is definitely worth it if you want to make your trip extra memorable.

What: The 12 Apostles

Where: Great Ocean Rd & Booringa Rd

When: Anytime but the information centre is open 9am-5pm

Price: Free

All photos copyright Chance Morris.

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