September 21, 2019

Black Seed Cafe // Werribee


Black Seed Cafe is fast becoming renowned in the Western suburb of Werribee and for good reason.

Boasting great coffee, excellent food and the all mighty freak shakes, this place has a lot to draw people in.

Situated on Werribee’s main Watton St, Black Seed Cafe doesn’t look like much from the outside but don’t let it fool you, walk inside and you will be pleasantly surprised.

The interior is quite small but they have made good use of the space without cramming all the tables in too close together. The decor has a lovely modern yet trendy feel with plenty of wood and a bicycle planted on the wall as a centrepiece.

Lucky for us, we arrived on a quiet Friday for lunch and almost had the place to ourselves but we would imagine on the weekends this cafe would be chockablock so booking ahead would be ideal.

We were seen too by a waitress and seated immediately. Water was dropped to the table (woohoo!) and drink orders taken promptly.

For drinks, we ordered a couple of coffees and of course had to try one of their freak shakes. We opted for the Unicorn Freak Shake ($15) with a promise from the waitress that it would be the most visually appealing and it did not disappoint. The use of the wooden board for serving on really added to the wow factor with the lollies planted all around it.

The milkshake itself was a blue heaven flavour and was delicious and anything with whipped cream on top is a winner. There were plenty of little treats to share around the table and you could definitely not finish one of those bad boys on your own so make sure you bring a friend. Overall, a winning shake.

We were told by the locals that the coffee here was great and they were right. The coffees at our table were all consistent.

For lunch we opted for the Baked Eggs Shanklish ($18.50), the Smoked Salmon Bruschetta ($17.50) and the Southern Fried Chicken Burger ($17) . The menu is simple with not too many options, which we loved. They had everything on there that you would want from a brunch/lunch dining experience without going overboard so that you get stuck on what to choose. There is also plenty of vegeterian, vegan and gluten free options for menu items.

The baked eggs were full of Mediterranean flavours and came with plenty of sourdough bread for dipping. The salmon bruschetta was fresh with perfectly poached eggs and a beautiful hollandaise sauce. The spicy fried chicken in the burger was a real treat and complemented perfectly with the chilly aoili and the chips were lovely and crunchy, as they should be. The presentation of all three dishes was beautiful and everything looked and tasted fresh. The portion sizes were generous and prices were reflective of that.

Overall, everything was consistent at Black Seed Cafe from the coffee to the food and the service. We did note that when bringing our drinks and food to the table, the waitress did not remember who had ordered what, which is a minor flaw but something that could be worked on.  The staff were however very friendly and interacted with their customers.

You can also see the small kitchen from when you pay your bill, which obviously can’t be helped due to the small space. However, that does not stop them from working magic in it.

A great addition to the suburb of Werribee and we look forward to returning to try out the rest of the menu.


The Deets

What: Black Seed Cafe

Where: 133 Watton St, Werribee

When: Tues-Fri 7am-2.30pm, Sat & Sun 8am-2.30pm. Closed Monday.

How much: Average





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