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Donuts // Daniel’s Bakery Hogan’s Corner

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If you’re a sweet tooth and you haven’t heard of Daniel’s Bakery yet, you must have been living under a rock!

These guys have featured on the news for their famous donuts so they are no longer a hidden gem but a very worthy one.

Situated in Hopper’s Crossing in Hogan’s Corner, you could almost miss the bakery snuggled away amongst a strip of shops but once you go in you won’t forget it.

Several varieties of donuts greet you from the display cabinets, each one equally as appetising as the other. Although they also sell other baked goods, it’s really hard to look at anything else.

It takes a lot to make a good donut and texture plays a huge part. Daniel’s Bakery have mastered the perfect light and fluffy donut with the right balance of sweetness so not to be overdone by its toppings.

They have at least 10 different varieties to choose from and are always introducing new amazing flavours. At $2.30 a pop or $10 for six, they would have to be the best value for money in Melbourne.

We could not go past the favourites including jam & cream, nutella and pink sprinkles whilst also picking a few of the fancier versions including lemon meringue, nutella flake and choc nut.

The jam & cream donut was amongst the best we have found. The cream was fresh with real jam on top and the donut was (as mentioned above) light and fluffy. The nutella donut was filled with a generous amount of the hazelnut goodness and the pink sprinkles is always a hit with the kids. The choc nut was again filled with fresh cream and the nuts and chocolate worked perfectly together. The lemon meringue could have done with a little more curd in the middle but the light meringue topping was a nice change from the sweeter versions. The nutella flake speaks for itself really.

If it were up to us we would have ordered one of every flavour but our waistline would not have appreciated it so instead we will be back to try more. That perfect donut texture was consistent for all six and we loved the creative toppings and many varieties. Our best tip would be to get to the bakery as early as possible as they tend to sell out of the best flavours pretty quickly.

If you’re not in to the sweet stuff, we have heard the pies are almost as good as the donuts and they also do coffee as well. The service was wonderful and the ladies were quick to help with suggestions. Get along and support a great small business and demolish a few calories while you’re at it!



The Deets:

What: Daniel’s Bakery Hogan’s Corner

Where:  Hogans Corner Shopping Centre, 4/150 Hogans Rd, Hoppers Crossing

When: Open Sun-Tues 4am until 7.30pm, Weds-Sat 4am-9pm

Price: Cheap!

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