September 21, 2019

Roxy Kebabs // Deer Park

We first stumbled across Roxy Kebab & Cafe a few years ago and have been promoting their glorious carb-filled goodness ever since.

Hidden away amongst a shopping strip in Deer Park,  you wouldn’t expect to find such a gem here. What led us to this place was word of mouth and upon arriving what gives it away are the queues out the door as everyone eagerly waits for their takeaway treat.

When you think of kebab, it doesn’t seem like there would be a lot that differs from one store to the next and quite often their isn’t. However, what sets Roxy’s apart from the rest is their Turkish bread and it is heavenly.

Unlike most kebabs you would usually order where the bread is rather thin and flattened, Roxy Kebabs Turkish pide bread is thick and beautifully soft melting in your mouth at every bite. Another great thing about Roxy Kebabs is that they are not too oily. The meat is tender and the salad is fresh and it doesn’t taste overly greasy like many kebabs tend too.

We opted for the chicken kebab and the mixed grill (both $11). Portion sizes are very generous for the price and there is plenty of meat. Often there isn’t enough sauce in a kebab leaving it quite dry but Roxy’s always put the right amount of sauce with their fillings without over doing it.

Because you can never get enough of that delicious Turkish bread, we always opt for a extra serving of bread for around $4. It is absolutely humongous (as seen in pic) so great value for money and you could seriously eat it all without stopping because it is that addictive and SO fresh!

Aside from the obvious winning kebab, Roxy’s do offer other dishes like Halal snack packs, chips and meal deals. For a takeaway joint their service is usually pretty good but don’t expect to go in and get a table. The inside is very small and only offers two booths and a small table with two outdoor tables as well. We walked in on a Saturday night and all tables were reserved already, which was quite disappointing. It is also usually crowded with people and the flow of orders seems to get mucky quite often and that is where mistakes get made so there is definitely room for improvement in that area.Despite the crowds, you are never left waiting long for your order to be made and there is an exceptional amount of staff on to get orders out as quickly as possible. We think they would benefit greatly from expanding or moving to a bigger location because they are consistently busy and it would make a better dining experience for those who wanted to dine in.

It was great to see that everything was also kept clean and staff were quick to clear tables.

So, if you’re looking for a great kebab in the Western suburbs or even further (because these are worth travelling for) then head to Roxy’s.  Join the crowds and wait in anticipation to dig your teeth in to that deliciously soft Turkish bread and indulge in the best kebab in the West. You won’t regret it! Just don’t make the mistake of turning up on a Sunday because they are closed!

The Deets:

What: Roxy Kebab & Cafe

Where: 801 Ballarat Road, Deer Park, Melbourne

When: 10am until 9pm (Mon-Thurs), 10am until 10pm (Fri, Sat). Closed Sunday.

How much: $11 for a chicken or mixed kebab! Very affordable.



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