September 21, 2019

The Hiit Factory // Caroline Springs


Are you bored of the same mundane routine at the gym or just not going at all? Winter blues got you lacking motivation to get moving? Or maybe you want to start but you just don’t know where or how.

Well, we are about to tell you how and it involves having fun (yes, fun!) working out whilst meeting amazing like-minded people and transforming your body at the same time. Would that make you more inclined to get moving?

The Hiit Factory in Caroline Springs does all of the above and we guarantee once you start going, you’ll be cancelling your gym membership in a flash and joining the Hiit crew. Located in a big factory building in the industrial area of Caroline Springs, The Hiit Factory is fast becoming a popular place for people near and far to workout together.

We decided to attend and see what it was all about and instantly became hooked. Here we tell you a few reasons why!


1.You’re done in half an hour.

How many times have you gone to the gym and wasted an hour but felt like you’ve done nothing. You jump on the treadmill and run for a bit before changing to another machine. You play around with some weights without really knowing what to do or if you’re actually strengthening any part of your body. You’re going there just to feel like you’re doing some sort of exercise but all of a sudden you’ve been there for hours, which can be particularly frustrating when you have a busy schedule.

The classes at The Hiit Factory run for half an hour and they go so quickly. Before you know it, they are done and you’re feeling rejuvenated with the whole day still ahead of you. There are also some classes that run for 45 minutes to allow for a full workout and those are a great option for those who want to work a bit harder but we can tell you that after a half hour class at The Hiit Factory you will be feeling like you have run a marathon.

2. The classes are intense AND fun

It may only take half an hour but these classes will feel like you’ve achieved what you would have in hours at the gym. There is a whole range to choose from including Metafit, Metapwr , P90x, boxing, Insanity and kettle-bells. If you don’t know what any of these are, most of them combine high intensity cardio with strength training that will leave you feeling like an absolute machine afterwards. What is also to love about the classes is even though you may curse your way through them because of how tough they are, you will also find you are having fun at the same time. It is such a great, energetic vibe with pumping music and even the occasional disco light that will have you busting out some dance moves whilst gaining some serious abs. There are also plenty of classes available early morning for those who start work early, then mid-morning for the mums and bubs and of course after work classes for those who like to have a sleep in ;).

3. You WILL see changes in your body

We can almost promise you that after a month of training here you will start to see changes in your body, especially in your fitness and strength.  You may not lose weight but you will gain shape and muscle. You will start to feel fitter and notice that as you go along, exercises will become easier to do (but never too easy!). Because of the variety of classes and the combination of weights and cardio, your body will always be challenged and you will work out different muscles that you wouldn’t normally on your own at the gym. It is practically like having your own personal trainer but with 20 other people as well!

4. They’re child friendly

Having a baby can be extremely lonely when you are confined to the home in those early months but just want to get out and do something for yourself. Some gyms offer child care but for many new mums it can be an anxious time leaving your babies in a room where you can’t see them whilst you workout, which means you don’t really enjoy it. At The Hiit Factory there is an open children’s area right beside your workout floor so you can watch your kids (or see them in the mirror) as you do your workout. There are plenty of toys to keep them entertained with the only rule being that they keep off the workout area for safety reasons. However, during some of the lighter sessions and stretching, you will find the kids can join you and show off their adorable moves as well.

5. They are amazingly supportive

It can be hugely intimidating walking in to a room full of women and especially when you are often at your most vulnerable. At The Hiit Factory in Caroline Springs there is no judgement. There are women and men of all shapes and sizes, all with their own struggles and goals but united in one of them to be a healthier version of themselves. You won’t feel like you have to compete or even keep up with anyone else. You will make friends. You will find at least one person and most likely even more that you connect with. Most of them are parents who bring along their children so they can get their daily exercise in. You feel united in your daily struggle to get some time to yourself whilst still attending to the demands of your children. Everyone understands because they have been there or they are the going through the same. At the end of every class, there are always high fives in every direction, smiles and shared expressions of pain from the workout you just achieved. It is an awesome vibe and one that you will instantly become addicted too and will make you more motivated to work harder. Oh and if your baby decides half way through the class that they are not happy, your trainer will hold them for you so you can finish your workout. Amazing!

6. Owner Kelly Dennis will kick your butt, but with a smile

After launching The Hiit Factory in Caroline Springs in January, owner Kelly Dennis has grown her empire quickly and it’s not hard to see why. Kelly is such a genuine personality and she knows her stuff when it comes to exercise. She is super supportive and a firm believer that your vibe attracts you tribe and what a tribe she has attracted. Everyone at The Hiit Factory are super supportive and LOVE attending the factory and that is a big credit to Kelly. She is a very warm personality but don’t let her smile fool you. She will kick your butt and make sure you are on your game every class so that you feel totally accomplished at the end, and she will be waiting with a big high five.

7. It’s affordable

No, it’s not as cheap as a gym but the value of your membership at The Hiit Factory will far exceed anything you might be paying and possibly not even using. There are a few different options to choose from but the unlimited membership at $119 every four weeks is the best value. It works out to be just under $30 a week and when you add up the cost of putting your kids in a gym child care then it would work out cheaper anyway. Plus you are getting a variety of different classes, you will see changes in your body and you basically have your own personal trainer in Kelly making sure your giving it your all every workout.

So if you’re paying for a gym membership that we don’t use (that’s over $600 a year wasted!), get along to the factory today. We guarantee after these reasons why, you will not need any more convincing.



The Deets:

What: The Hiit Factory, Caroline Springs

Where: 4/24 Eucumbene Drive, Caroline Springs

When: Classes start at 6am and the latest one is 7.15pm. For a full time table check out their Facebook page below.

For more information and membership options head to 

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