September 21, 2019

The Sherbrooke Trail// Dandenong Ranges


Hiking one of the trails in the Dandenong Ranges is a great way to experience nature in the surrounding areas of Melbourne. Breathe in the cool fresh mountain air, listen to the sound of birds in the forest, and maybe even see a few kangaroos or a lyrebird along your way. The problem is that so many of these hiking trails are only accessible with your own car. The Sherbrooke Trail solves this.

The Sherbrooke Trail is a 7km circuit route through the Dandenong Ranges. This circuit is actually a combination of the Welch Track, Paddy Track, Neuman Track and the Coles Ridge Track. Don’t go looking for the Sherbrooke Trail to be shown directly on the map.

The trail starts just 1km from Belgrave Station, the end of the train line and the start of the Puffing Billy tourist train. The walk form the station only takes about 15 minutes, part of which is up a steep hill.
Once on the trail you will totally forget you are just outside of Melbourne. The surroundings consist of towering Stringybark gum-trees above, and a green fern forest below. The forest comes alive with the sound of cockatoos screaming at each other overhead, or the casual kookaburra laughing as you struggle up the main hill on the Paddy Track section.

At the end of 7km hike you will not be exhausted, but you will feel exercised. There is one steep downhill section at the start of the trail, and a steep uphill section in the middle of the Paddy Track.
Overall, the Sherbrooke Trail is an easy hike. It is suitable for children, however the longer distance may make it a bit challenging.

If you are looking for an easy to access, moderate length trail with beautiful surroundings, then the Sherbrooke trail is one best daytrips from Melbourne city for you.

This is a guest post contributed by Josh from The Lost Passport. Check out for more of his great trips around Australia and the world.

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