September 21, 2019

Silvers Circus


When it comes to good quality family fun, you can’t look further than the circus and the Silvers Circus is a must see.

Renowned in Australia for 40 years now and named as one of the Top 10 circuses in the world, the Silvers Circus travels around Australia for the most part of the year entertaining hundreds of thousands of everyday Australians with their draw-dropping acts.

We visited the show on the weekend in Melton and it was awesome! We left discussing how the acts were even possible – a great sign when visiting the circus because you know they have achieved what they set out to do and that is create magic.

The two-hour show features several different acts with artists from all over the world and follows the story of a young boy in bed who dreams of running away with the circus. Ringmaster Simon Tait narrates wonderfully and with a voice like his, it is hard not to be mesmerised. He also does a few magic tricks of his own between acts, which were impressive and had the adults and children gasping.

Highlights of the show would definitely have to be the Wheel of Steel that had our stomachs turning in fear of what they were doing but unable to look away from their incredible act. The Globe of Death was a great way to end the show and another act that had us in awe of how it was achieved without any injury! A favourite for the kids was the hoola hoop act that saw over 80 hoola hoops in action whilst performer Gypsy Gomez balanced on a silver disco ball. The bright colours were captivating as were the sound effects.

We were also pleasantly surprised with the clown act and although it wasn’t a jaw-dropping performance it certainly made us laugh, and that’s all a clown can ask for right?! Also, very memorable were the stunning aerialists and unicyclist Yonas.

What we also loved about the show was how enthusiastic the artists were and how much they loved what they were doing. Even though the crowd numbers were smaller for a weekend day, it did not make a difference to their energy, which they exuberated on stage and was infectious. They always had a smile on their faces and got the crowd involved the whole time. We also loved that after the acts had finished, they took part in helping the other acts with their performances and the crew members also got involved along the way giving it a real family feel.

There is an interval at half time where you can pop out and grab a bit to eat. There was not a lot of food on offer aside from things like hot dogs, pop-corn and jam donuts but there was coffee! The kids can also have a jump on the bouncy castle for $4, play some carnival games or get a photo with some of the performers on a motorcycle for $15.

The show continues in Melton until August 27th and then heads to Nunawading until September 17. Tickets prices are $35-$45 for adults and $20-$35 for children (3-12).

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Photo credit: Chance Morris



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