September 21, 2019

Urban Projuice // Albert Park

Most people dream of eating the naughty foods they love without feeling bad or putting on weight right?

But what if those naughty foods that you loved so dearly weren’t so naughty at all AND they taste just like the naughty version (we have said naughty a lot haven’t we?).

When it comes to serving healthy, wholesome food Urban Projuice is all over it and we are slowly ticking off every item on their menu. Using  locally grown, seasonal, fair-trade and Organic ingredients where possibly, their philosophy is nourishing your body whilst satisfying your senses and they live up to it in every way.  Promoting a vegan menu, with optional “non-vegan” items for the critics, their food will have all the carnivores convinced.

The cafe is located in the stunning suburb of Albert Park and situated in a rustic terrace house. From the minute you walk in you absorb the peaceful and happy ambience with friendly staff and a bright interior.

On this particular occasion we opted for the waffle special and the Nourished Buddha bowl.  We were unsure if the vegan version of waffles were going to be as good as the real deal because well, cream. Well, let us tell you! They were out of this world.  Light, fluffy and super delicious mixed perfectly with the flaked almonds, mixed berries and a big dollop of coconut ice-cream on top with a raw treat to take it to that next level. Not being a huge coconut fan, this coconut ice-cream had us converted.

The Nourished bowl was also delicious and the perfect portion size. The scrambled tofu eggs were so convincing that they may have egg lovers cross over to the dark side. However, for those who are not convinced, they still offer a poached egg in their sides menu.

We have also tried the porridge and kids menu options, which were all equally as delicious (but the waffles still reign!). The only slight improvement needed would have been the coffee that was quite bitter. They also have a great range of smoothies that people often queue up for and raw treats in their main cabinet.

Urban Projuice has quickly become a favourite and we only wish we had one in every suburb.  What is not to love about eating delicious food that makes us feel like we have indulged but leaves us feeling light and our tummies feeling great?

We look forward to crossing more dishes off their menu at our next visit.

The Deets:

What: Urban Projuice

Where: 315 Montague St, Albert Park 

When: Monday – Friday 7am – 3pm 
Saturday & Sunday 8am – 3:30pm

More info:







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